• Platform

    플랫폼 참여자들의 이익을 최우선

    ( Best profits for providers and customers )

    Influencer Platform

    베트남 인플루언서 광고 플랫폼

    Vinamedia is Vietnamese streamer marketing platform.

    Startup Incubator

    중국 진출 스타트업 지원 프로그램

    The Chinese government will support you to build your start-up business in China.

    Proptech Platform

    프롭테크 수익화 플랫폼

    Luxury real estate platform for property agency and VIP customers

  • Platform Services

    플랫폼 자체의 수익보다 참여자의 수익을 우선합니다 


    Proptech = Property + Information Technology


    Vietnam Influencer Marketing Platform

    RingTiger Incubator Center

    You can start up your business in China

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